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Board of Commissioners

The Fort Smith Housing Authority (FSHA) is governed by a five member Board of Commissioners. Commissioners are appointed by the Commission and subject to confirmation by the City of Fort Smith Board of Directors.

The FSHA Board of Commissioners meets at 11:30 a.m. on the dates shown below in the annual schedule of meetings. Meetings are held at the FSHA, 2100 North 31st Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72904. Meetings are open to the public and there is a public participation period at every meeting.

2022 Meeting Dates

February 24 - Agenda, Minutes

May 4 - Agenda, Minutes

July 28 - Agenda, Minutes

November 17 - Agenda, Minutes


2023 Meeting Dates

March 2 - Agenda, Minutes

May 18 - Agenda, Minutes

July 27 - Agenda, Minutes

November 16 -  Agenda, Minutes


2024 Meeting Dates

February 29 - Agenda, Minutes

April 25 - Agenda, 

July 25 - 

November 14 - 



Rick Foti

Vice Chairman

Rex Terry


Alex Sanchez

Barbara Meadows

Jackie Flake


PHA Annual Plans

2021 PHA Annual Plan

2022 PHA Annual Plan

2023 PHA Annual Plan

2024 PHA Annual Plan



2018 audit

2019 audit

2020 audit

2021 audit

2022 audit

2023 audit


Experience the best in new homes with all the modern conveniences, located near schools, grocery, and retail shopping in a neighborhood environment.


Homeownership programs can provide eligible buyers with assistance for down payment and closing costs.


Section 8 provides very low-income families the ability to rent apartments, condominiums or homes in the private market.


Nelson Hall Homes provides suitable and safe rental housing for eligible low-income elderly and/or disabled persons.

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